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5 Questions to Ask a Custom Vendor: #2 What's Your Development Process?


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Hiring a custom eLearning development vendor is exciting. You are asking someone to create you the exact learning solution you need, but might not have the staff or expertise to create yourself. There's a thrill of anticipation of the finished project, seeing your ideas come to life, ready to engage and educate your learners.


When you’re entrusting your time, money, and company information to someone, you want them to know what they’re doing.

You’ll want to know that you're handing over your project to an experienced team.

But how do you determine whether a vendor knows what they’re doing or not, before you start working with them?

Ask a custom shop what their development process is.

Hearing them explain it in their own words will reveal a lot about how organized they are.

Questions to ask a potential vendor include:

  • Do you have a set process or formal approach that works for a multitude of situations?
  • Do you use a waterfall approach or Agile approach?
  • What’s the review process like?
  • How will I be able to make edits and give feedback?
  • Are you familiar with my industry and business?
  • What have you built previously for this particular modality (classroom, online, mobile, social, etc.)?

To help you get an idea of what to look for, here’s a look at how we keep development—and communication with our clients—running smoothly.

Our Process:

  1. Define optimal solution based on business and learner needs.
  2. Design course content, including storyboarding and scripting.
  3. Develop interactive courses full of images, audio, and animation.
  4. Deliver your engaging courses.

Every project starts with a deep dive into your unique needs and goals. We then outline a plan of how we’ll solve your training challenges. During design and development, we include two rounds of reviews in each stage, so you stay completely involved. Every project is assigned a designated project manager who provides a single point of contact for any questions or concerns. With our process, there are no surprises when we deliver the final courses—just delightful, effective learning content.

Even if you’re not working with us, you’ll want to look for an eLearning vendor that has a set process in place. It will make the whole experience quicker and less stressful!

We put together a guide to help you find the right custom development vendor for your needs.

In it, we outline 5 key questions to ask as you're interviewing potential vendors.

Their answers will help you determine if they have the experience and know-how to produce a cutting-edge learning solution for you and if they’re the type of company you want to work with.

Download the 5 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Custom Development Vendor guide now.

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