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eLBX Live 2019 Recap: Fun & Creative Ways to Use Video Effectively in eLearning


Brigham Sunday, CEO of Storybox Studios, joined us at eLBX Live 2019 to show Fun and Creative Ways to Use Video Effectively in eLearning. eLearning Brothers Custom Team has partnered with...

How to Choose Between MP3 and WAV Audio Files


How to Sync Up Audio for Your eLearning Videos


 As you move your video productions up to a higher production quality you’ll find that one of the easiest and biggest improvements you can make is to the audio. Today, allow me to discuss how...

Why We're Excited for eLBX Live—And You Should Be Too!


 There’s only 34 days left until eLBX Live 2019 and if you’re not excited then you simply don’t know enough about what it is! We asked several of our employees what they are most excited about...