20 eLearning Blogs You Simply Have to Bookmark

eLearning Blogs

In our own, considered, humble opinion, we have an awesome blog that every eLearning professional should read.

But sometimes we like to see what our colleagues are doing, which means taking a look at the multitude of eLearning knowledge that exists all over the web. In no particular order, here are 20 blogs that you simply must bookmark and read on a consistent basis:

1. eLearning Industry


This website publishes original eLearning content with 360 authors and more than 90 original articles published per month.

2. The eLearning Coach


Instructional design know-how from a highly experienced eLearning guru, Connie Malamed.

3. E-Learning Provocateur


E-Learning Provocateur is the brainchild of Ryan Tracey, a member of eLearn Magazine’s editorial board. Tracey hopes to “provoke deeper thinking” in the world of eLearning.

4. Cathy Moore


Cathy Moore is an impassioned advocate for interesting and stimulating eLearning. As a speaker and adviser she is in very high demand, and her impressive resume includes companies such as Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, FedEx, and even the American Government, amongst a multitude of others.

5. E-Learning 24/7 Blog


Blogger Craig Weiss was named 2015’s most influential person in the eLearning industry. He is an expert on Learning Management Systems and a well-known public speaker.

6. OpenSesame


OpenSesame is a unique website that allows for easy buying and selling of eLearning Courses.

7. The Learning Generalist


Written by Sumeet Moghe of Thoughtworks Technologies Pune.

8. Social Learning Blog


An industry blog brought to you by LMS giant Interactyx.

9. Upside Learning


One of the most socially shared eLearning blogs on the internet.

10. Technology Enhanced Learning Blog


By David Hopkins, the 2014 ALTC Learning Technologist of the Year

11. Learning Solutions Magazine


The eLearning Guild’s publication, boasting over 1000 articles since 2002.

12. Rapid eLearning Blog


By Tom Kuhlman, an eLearning pro with two decades of experience.

13. I Came, I Saw, I Learned...


An informative blog about the software and design side of things from IconLogic

14. Allison Rossett


A blog hosted by Dr. Allison Rosset, an eLearning expert and professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University.

15. The Spicy Learning Blog


“The Spicy Learning Blog” is posted by Saffron Interactive, Europe’s prolific eLearning organization.

16. Kasper Spiro


From the mind of Kasper Spiro, CEO of easygenerator.

17. Docebo E-Learning Blog


A blog created by Docebo, one of the Top Ten Learning Management Systems of 2015.

18. LMS Blog


Insider knowledge from the respected LMS, Latitude Learning.

19. E-Learning Acupuncture


An eLearning blog created by accomplished scientist and Educational Developer at Queen’s University, Eric Tremblay.

20. E-Learning Academy


Tips from e-coach Alison Bickford.

Is there a blog you would like to add to this list? Share you ideas in the comment section below.