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How to Create a Culture of Safety in Your Workplace


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Safety doesn’t just happen.

Creating a safe workplace takes conscious effort. “Workplace culture” has been a buzzword for several years now, but interest in developing a “safety culture” is also rising—as it should. After all, no amount of ping pong tables or free snacks will compensate for an unsafe workplace. But developing a safety culture is more than just hanging warning signs near all the dangerous equipment.

When I googled “safety culture,” quite a few things came up.

questions people google about safety

Safety needs to be part of the daily fabric of life in your workplace, and looked at positively by all your team, from senior management down to the most junior worker. Everyone contributes to a positive safety culture.

Good communication and good training are essential components to building a positive safety culture in your workplace. A good foundational course to offer your team is our Safety Attitudes and Actions off-the-shelf training.

Safety Attitudes and Actions

Workplace safety culture is a result of positive attitudes towards safety from workers and management that lead to safer actions and consequences. This course will help workers define and explain the role of attitude in workplace safety.

This course bundle includes the following bite-sized, mobile-ready courses:

Your Workplace Safety Attitude

Your Workplace Safety Culture

Use this course bundle  as a safety “tune-up” to remind every worker of actions they can take to keep the workplace and coworkers safe. You can easily customize the microlearning courses for your specific culture, industry, and policies.

The Safety Attitudes and Actions course will help you build the foundation of your safety culture. From there, it’s important to develop and implement a positive reporting process—one that rewards employees for reporting safety violations and focuses on fixing those violations for the future, not punishing what’s happened in the past.

Lead by example and show your team that you care about safety and they will too.

Looking for more safety training? Check out all our microlearning modules below.

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