How to Succeed with Customer Education & Make It A Profit Center

Do you have an efficient process for deploying content to partners, customers, and customers’ customers? Is it easy to modify courses for each segment, and sell them with minimal effort?

Craig Weiss, CEO, and Founder of FindAnLMS, has helped companies of all sizes streamline their customer training workflows, and in this webinar he shared his knowledge of how to monetize customer education. 

In the recording below, Craig Weiss covers:

  1. The Six Golden Rules to Success
  2. Break-Even and Break the Bank
  3. Pay Off with Webinars and On-Demand
  4. Certification Program Bonanza

Follow each step of Craig’s 6 golden rules to ensure you’re on the path to customer education success!

1. Business Strategy

Figure out the top 3 outcomes you want from your customer education program. Example: Is your organization’s business goal to increase membership by 15%? How can customer education contribute to that?

2. Content Strategy

Know what types of content you are going to be selling and how you are going to deliver it.

3. Pricing Strategy

Decide if you’re trying to build mass (number of customers) or charge a high rate from fewer customers. Example: When Apple first launched iTunes, they charged a very low price for a single song to rapidly build a mass amount of customers.

4. System Strategy

Determine if the system you have can accomplish what you want or if you need to bring in other options. Example: Does your current system support eCommerce?

5. Marketing Strategy

Plan out how you will build your customer base, what you need to do to sustain it, and then how to continue growing.

6. Customer Strategy

Find out who your customers are, what their technical capabilities and needs are, and how best to reach them. Example: Send out an anonymous survey to get more information.

Many organizations struggle with deciding how to price their customer training. 

Customer education is all about cost per seat. You also need to identify your content/course cost, and the price of your web conference tool if you’re doing webinars.

Jump to 24:21 in the video to follow along with Craig’s pricing calculation exercise. 

Watch the webinar recording below to find out all Craig’s tips on making a profit from your customer education program.

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