Smooth Sailing: A Client Sales Training Success Story


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 Here at eLearning Brothers, we love helping you create better, more interactive eLearning. We help you become eLearning rockstars in many ways, from providing beautiful, easy to use templates with source files to creating custom eLearning for clients.


We have a dedicated Custom Solutions team that tackles projects of all shapes and sizes—from a single course to entire learning paths and training programs. We also offer analysis services to help you figure out exactly what your training needs are!


Recently, we worked with White River Marine Group™ to review, redo and improve their sales process training. White River Marine Group (WRMG) is the world’s largest builder of fishing and recreational boats by volume. WRMG is dedicated to providing a customer-focused sales experience with “no haggle and no hassle” pricing as an essential component of the buying process.


Providing engaging and effective training to their sales associates is a key part of creating a good purchase experience and atmosphere on the sales floor.



Knowledge check from one of the courses we created


How we did it:


  1. Reviewed old training modules
  2. Delivered analytics report of suggested improvements
  3. Condensed 45 sections down to 13
  4. Reduced one course from 4 hours to just 2 hours
  5. Made courses much more interactive


Here’s an example of a drag and drop interaction from one of the training modules we created:


Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 10.24.34 AM

Drop zone with options



Feedback the learner receives


We received great feedback from WRMG:


“We are extremely pleased with the entire package.”


“So far, the feedback from our sales consultants who took the training has been very positive with many comments about the new training. They have complimented us on how much more interesting the training is—they love the shorter modules and how interactive the entire thing is. They believe it’s the best, most-informative training we’ve ever offered!”


“eLearning Brothers was extremely easy to work with—their organization and editing websites are great and so intuitive to use. We enjoyed the entire experience and would highly recommend them to anyone else looking to improve their training!”


There’s nothing better than knowing your work made an impact. We’d love to help you with your next training development project.


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