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Webinar: Translating Instructional Design Speak Into Engaging Course Content


Instructional Designers can’t help that we want to inform. To be helpful. To be instructive! It’s our whole purpose. What we often fail to realize is how absolutely boring that style of writing...

Webinar: Are You As Awesome As You Think You Are


Webinar: Creative Ways to Drive Change in Your Organization


Webinar: How to Get to the Top of Bloom's Taxonomy


Getting beyond the basics of knowledge acquisition and into application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation with self-paced online learning requires some imaginative engineering and execution...

How eLearning Helps Create Better Workplaces


Smooth Sailing: A Client Sales Training Success Story


 Here at eLearning Brothers, we love helping you create better, more interactive eLearning. We help you become eLearning rockstars in many ways, from providing beautiful, easy to use templates...

Webinar: Adaptive Learning vs Rapid Development


 What type of development are you using for your eLearning?

Who's Rocking eLBX Live 2019? Sneak Peek #3


eLBX Live promises four breakout session tracks for you to mix and match so you can create your own customized conference experience. Only attend sessions that matter to you!

Webinar: Re-Energize That Same Old Training



Tired of creating the same old training content? You just need an energy boost! In this webinar, our multi-talented instructional designer and eLearning developer, Amber Rodbell, guided...

Webinar: Ramp Up Engagement With a Learning Community


eLearning Brothers Instructional Designer Kristian Spring joined us last week to share research-based methods for building learning communities—whether your training program is online, blended,...