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Using Writing to Bring the Human Element Into Your eLearning


Many instructional designers never meet the learners they create training for. Because of that, it can be hard to picture your audience and feel like you’re talking to a real person when you’re...

Webinar: Save on Editing Time With Camtasia Animations and Behaviors

With the release of Camtasia 9 back in 2016 we gained a whole slew of new animations called "behaviors." What's more, animations themselves became easier to use with more preset options.

Free eBook: Layout & Typography Tips for eLearning Designs


Good design is essential for effective communication. As eLearning designers and developers, we are constantly looking for the right visual elements to communicate our course's message.

Why You Should Care About xAPI


In the last post I wrote, I detailed how we’ve updated and simplified xAPI to make capturing your learner data even simpler—automated, even.

Check out that post , if you haven’t already. This...

eLearning Brothers Announces Free Virtual eLearning Event: eLBX Online