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What Is Learning Experience Design?

Studies have shown that formal instruction is only a small part of a worker’s overall learning. The path to proficiency includes:

Design Thinking: How to Utilize This Essential Strategy for Effective Course Design


“We spend a lot of time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it.”
- Dr. Prabhjot Singh


Design thinking is about placing the end-user at the...

eLBX Live 2019 Recap: Becoming a Learning Experience Designer


At eLBX Live 2019, Marty Rosenheck, eLearning Brothers Director, Talent Development Consulting, gave a presentation on becoming a learning experience designer.

Webinar: Learning Experience Design versus Instructional Design

Learning Experience Design is becoming “a thing.” More and more folks are changing their titles from Instructional Designer to Learning Experience Designer. What is Learning Experience Design,...

Webinar: Ramp Up Engagement With a Learning Community


eLearning Brothers Instructional Designer Kristian Spring joined us last week to share research-based methods for building learning communities—whether your training program is online, blended,...

Why Mentoring Could Be the Answer to Your Training Woes