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How to Select the Right Authoring Tool - Part 3 - Collaborating


Your Top Lectora Online Wishes...GRANTED!

Have you logged into Lectora® Online lately? The latest playlist of upgrades in Lectora Online ROCK! From media streaming improvements to the latest Google fonts, the most popular product wish...

How to Select the Right Authoring Tool - Part 2

Wondering which authoring tool will enable you to create the most exciting, interactive learning experiences?

How to Select the Right Authoring Tool - Part 1

When you want to create the best eLearning content possible, where do you turn?

Webinar: Behind the Scenes of Creating a Stylish Course Theme

Does staring at a blank project in your authoring tool give you design paralysis? Do you struggle with how to give life to your content so it’s not just a rectangle with some text on it?

Browse the New eLearning Brothers Knowledge Base

Does searching for software support leave you feeling like Nancy Drew? Do you wish there was one central place to find the answers to all your questions?

Using BranchTrack to Create Branching Scenarios

Branching scenarios and simulations are one of the most engaging ways to drive higher-level cognition in an eLearning course.

Webinar: Preview Lectora 19 & the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites

We’re excited to introduce our new eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites, featuring the NEW Lectora 19 and packed with industry-leading tools and templates.

Rock Out With the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites

Are you sitting down? Because we have a huge announcement.

Webinar: Build Microlearning at the Speed of Light With Lectora Templates

In this webinar, senior developer Bill Milstid showed how quickly you can customize a Lectora Course Starter to create a microlearning course. You can follow along in the recording at the bottom...