The Rockstar Learning Model: Step 2 - Rehearse


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Last week, we introduced the Rockstar Learning Model™ and talked a little bit about Step 1 - Learn.

But everyone knows that “practice makes perfect” so today we’re going to talk about Step 2 - Rehearse.

In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. Obviously, your employees don’t have that kind of time.

What many musicians will tell you, it’s not how much you practice, but how you practice, that matters.

The best practice is slow, thoughtful, and specific.

A group of researchers at The University of Texas at Austin conducted a study in 2009 to see if they could tease out the specific practice behaviors that distinguish the best piano players and most effective learners. One thing they found is that the most successful pianists were the ones who slowed things down and focused on just one passage at a time. These pianists corrected errors immediately, stopping to go back and focus on tricky spots.

A 2010 study on how basketball players practiced making free throws resulted in similar data. The most successful players had specific goals about what they wanted to accomplish or focus on before each practice attempt. For example, they set measurable goals like, “I’m going to make 10 out of 10 shots” or focused on one detail like, “I’m going to keep my elbows in.”

Why am I talking about pianists and basketball players?

Because they are acting out microlearning best practices in real life!

Specific and focused on one concept—that’s what microlearning is. And that’s why our new off-the-shelf training courses are so awesome.

Each microlearning course in the Rockstar Learning Model is mobile-responsive, 508 compliant, and presented in three steps: Learn, Rehearse, and Perform.

The Rockstar Learning Model: Step 2 - REHEARSE

Put your learning into practice with a hands-on activity. Rehearse activities help you refine and apply what you’ve learned specific to your workplace and role.

The rehearse step of the Rockstar Learning Model requires your employees to take action and think critically about the content they just learned. Because these are microlearning courses, each module focuses on only one main concept. Practice is focused on a single concept, as well, just like those successful basketball players and pianists.

Schedule a demo to see the Rockstar Learning Model in action and come back next week to learn more about Step 3 - PERFORM.


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