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Webinar: A Tale of Two Courses—Instructional Design Challenges, Constraints, and Decisions


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In a perfect world, every eLearning course would spring to life exactly as you envision in your imagination. But in the real world, tools, capabilities, and organizational constraints often require concessions.

Our Customizable Courseware product team feels your pain! By necessity, we’ve developed strategies for creatively meeting restrictive design constraints. In last week's webinar, Chris Willis and Josh Bleggi shared their tried-and-true tips for staying creative within whatever restraints you have.


First, Chris asked attendees what their top eLearning project constraints are. Some of the responses included:


  • Subject matter expert (SME) availability—or lack thereof!
  • Budget
  • Time
  • Strict branding rules
  • No way to properly evaluate course impact after its delivery

Classic Triple Constraint Model

triple constraint model

As Chris said, the image above is the theoretical model, but in real life it boils down to "you can have good, fast, or cheap—choose two!"

Typical eLearning Constraints

elearning constraints


Then Chris shared her top "Blocker Busters" (aka how to tackle those constraints).


Gather Facts

Find out the real scoop on what you're up against.

Forge Ahead

Don't waste time trying to negotiate the non-negotiable.

Change the Story

Change fear to action through how you tell the story.

Push the Limits

Think inside the box—use the constraints to make yourself MORE creative.

Move Decisively

Figure out what you CAN do and just do it.


How do we put these tips in action on our own Customizable Courseware?


Next, Josh took the mic and led attendees on a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the decisions that went into storyboarding our New Worker Safety onboarding course and the related Safety Attitudes and Actions refresher.


Watch the video to learn more about implementing these tips to respond to eLearning project constraints.



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