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Webinar: Adaptive Learning vs Rapid Development


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 What type of development are you using for your eLearning?

Rapid Development

On one end of the eLearning development spectrum is rapid development—producing and publishing courses as quickly as possible.



Adaptive Learning

On the other side of the pendulum is adaptive learning—a more time-intensive development method.


One is simple and easy to get online, the other is difficult and time intensive. One is quick for the learner, one is quick for the developer. One creates significant performance enhancements, the other is typically not measured with performance enhancement in mind.


However, there's a time and place for each type of eLearning development.


During this webinar Rich Vass, eLearning Brothers Director of Custom Solutions Strategies, covered:

· Which development style is right for you?
· When should you spend the time and money to produce a more engaging experience and when should you develop as quickly as possible?
· What are the benefits for your organization in each?



As you see in the video, these are some of the benefits one of our clients experienced after turning to adaptive learning.




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