Webinar: Dazzle Your Learners Using These After Effects Templates


Dazzle Your Learners Using These After Effects Templates

A little known fact about the eLearning Brothers Asset Library: we have TONS of After Effects templates. Using these templates, you can add stunning visual effects and motion to your training content.

Recently, Jonica Rich, eLearning Brothers Motion Specialist joined us for a webinar all about After Effects templates.

First up, how to find After Effects templates in the eLearning Brothers library!

  1. Go to library.eLearningBrothers.com
  2. Hover over Asset Library in the top navigation.
  3. Select Stock Asset Library > Video.
  4. On the video page, you’ll see a tab for After Effects Templates on the top right hand side.

The After Effects templates are organized into categories like Titles, Typography, Logo Reveal, and more, which makes it easy to browse the collection and find a motion template that works for your project.

Hovering over a thumbnail will show you a preview of the template’s animations.

Jonica shared some tips on how to choose a good template and then dove into editing the templates in After Effects.

Tip 1: As you’re editing, you can change the render quality of the preview you’re seeing on screen. If your computer is lagging, lower the render quality to help it out. This won’t affect your final render quality.

Jonica started out using a title animation as her example. She also showed how to bring in assets like stock photos and graphics and put them into your project.

Tip 2: If you’re working in After Effects with caps lock turned on, it freezes the rendering. So if you need to enter text that’s all caps, make sure you remember to turn caps lock back off when you’re done adding your text.

Watch the recording below to learn more about editing After Effects templates:

You can find the template Jonica used—and many more—in the eLearning Brothers Stock Asset Library in the video category.

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