Webinar: Designing Impactful eLearning Experiences

Designing Impactful eLearning Experiences

We recently hosted Mohamed Elkhouly, the developer of the eLearning Design Map, for an engaging webinar. Mohamed is a long-time friend and peer of Rich Vass, our Director of Customer Success.

Elkhouly brings 12 years of knowledge and experience in the L&D field to this webinar and he’s currently leading a team of designers and developers in Bangkok, Thailand. They create training solutions for 2,000+ learners in a handful of different countries.

The goal of the eLearning Design Map is to consolidate all the different instructional design methods and strategies into one streamlined strategy.

Design challenges? Use this map to solve them. Mohamed and his team have been testing and refining this map over the past year or so of creating training.

What is the eLearning Design Map? It’s a...

  • Project Management Tool
  • Comprehensive Guideline
  • Reference Document

You can use the map when you’re designing new training courses from scratch, when you’re customizing and editing existing courses, and to assess eLearning designs to ensure they’re covering all the learning objectives and requirements.

The map is not a new instructional design model, but rather an agile project management tool that can be used in many ways.

The eLearning Design Map takes you through 10 phases of eLearning design and development:

  1. The Data Collection
  2. The Validation
  3. The Proposal
  4. The Project
  5. The Impact
  6. The Content
  7. The Design
  8. The Development
  9. The Implementation
  10. The Result

In the downloadable PDF, you’ll find an explanation of each phase and how to implement the map. The PDF is organized into stages, steps, and checkpoints.

In the webinar, Mohamed talked attendees through 3 sections of the map and shared advice on how to use the eLearning Design Map. He showed how the eLearning Design Map can help you overcome common eLearning development challenges, such as:

Design challenges include: control, consistency, engagement, stakeholders, revisions, and learning needs.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about the eLearning Design Map.


What instructional design methods do you use?

Our Custom Solutions team includes experts in many instructional design strategies and we can help you find the one that works for your training challenges.

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