Webinar: How to Customize Our Off The Shelf Training


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In this week’s webinar, our Product Production Manager Thomas Reyes-Cairo gave a demonstration of how you can customize the modules in our off-the-shelf courses.

All of our new off-the-shelf courses can easily be edited, recolored, rebranded and more using dominKnow Flow. You might have also noticed that we’re now building all microlearning courses. Previously, our off-the-shelf courseware was designed as a more traditional, longer seat time course.

Feedback from our users (yes, we listen to you!) told us that more and more organizations are seeking shorter courses that can be accessed anywhere. Thus, our new library of microlearning was born.

Why dominKnow Flow?

dominKnow Flow was our first choice for building our new mobile responsive and accessible microlearning courses. It’s very easy to set up for using screen readers and has a nice way of handling mobile content.

Editing and Customizing Courses

The most commonly desired changes to off-the-shelf courseware include:

  • Changing colors to match the company brand
  • Adding in new content specific to organization or workplace
  • Switching out images to better represent company demographic or particular equipment

Building Themes/Theme Variants in dominKnow

When using dominKnow Flow, each course has a particular player experience. You can choose from a number of different player or navigation experiences. These affect the way your course is organized.

We typically use “Story View Baseline.” This player experience style is great for taller, long scrolling content. It feels very natural when looking at content on a mobile device, where users are accustomed to scrolling up and down.

Sometimes when people come into dominKnow and think they’re creating a new theme, they actually are creating a new theme variant. The player experience is picked on a theme level. Variants are more simplified and control colors and fonts. The variant lives underneath the theme.

In the webinar, Thomas walked attendees through how to make color changes to themes.

Quick Tip: dominKnow will automatically try to put light text on top of a dark background and vice versa, for accessibility reasons.

Watch the recording below to learn how to customize your colors, fonts, images, and more.


Don’t have dominKnow yet but want to be able to edit these courses? You can get a great deal on dominKnow Flow from eLearning Brothers!

Check out all the rest of our microlearning courseware and schedule a personal demo today.

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