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Webinar: Personalize your LMS Experience to Maximize User Adoption


Personalize your LMS Experience to Maximize User Adoption

Struggling to get users engaged with your learning program? You can use a learning management system (LMS) to provide a personalized learning experience for end-users. Research shows that a more personalized experience increases user adoption.

Did you know eLearning Brothers offers an LMS?

That’s right—we have more than just rockin’ eLearning template and assets!

In this webinar recording, you’ll get to see a little bit of our LMS, Knowledgelink, and learn how you can personalize the learner experience for greater user adoption. These strategies can be put into place no matter your LMS.

Jon Tota, Co-Founder and President of KnowledgeLink and Bill Crandall, Senior Custom Solutions Consultant at eLearning Brothers teamed up to cover:

  • Identifying the KPIs of your training program
  • Increasing user adoption through personalization
  • The Skill Set Economy and what it means for your program
  • The value of real-world rewards in virtual training

Let’s talk a little about KPIs.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are talked about a lot for business results, but do you consider them in your training program too?

Victory Condition

Ask yourself what success means when it comes to your training program and try to define the leading indicators for your success. These might be:

  • Total logins
  • Views per user
  • Completions per office
  • Revisit frequency
  • User ratings

Once you’ve determined your success metrics, you can focus on strategies to achieve more success.

For example, Knowledgelink LMS is integrated with a tool called Zapier. You can use this integration to connect your LMS with your email marketing or other automation systems and reach your learners in another way. You can set up triggers to generate personalized, just-in-time emails to your users.

Zapier can also connect Knowledgelink to Slack (or other messaging systems) and send alerts to a Slack channel whenever a specified activity—a user registering for a course, for example—occurs.

Jon and Bill also show how to:

  • Harness enrollments to increase completions
  • Inform your training decisions with Business Intelligence reports
  • Assess and develop each individual’s strengths and weaknesses

Watch the webinar recording to see all the ways you can personalize your LMS and increase user adoption.

Interested in learning more about Knowledgelink LMS? Visit our LMS page for more information and to schedule a demo.