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eLearning Brothers Announces Full Session List for eLBX Live 2019


Who's Rocking eLBX Live 2019? Sneak Peek #4


Why We're Excited for eLBX Live—And You Should Be Too!


 There’s only 34 days left until eLBX Live 2019 and if you’re not excited then you simply don’t know enough about what it is! We asked several of our employees what they are most excited about...

Who's Rocking eLBX Live 2019? Sneak Peek #3


eLBX Live promises four breakout session tracks for you to mix and match so you can create your own customized conference experience. Only attend sessions that matter to you!

When In Utah: Must See Places to Visit After eLBX Live


Who's Rocking eLBX Live 2019? Sneak Peek 2


Are you ready to rock with us on June 10 in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah? Last year’s eLBX Live was just busting at the seams with awesomeness, so we knew we had to expand it a little this...

Who's Rocking eLBX Live 2019? Sneak Peek 1

eLBX Live 2019 is about two months away and it’s time to talk about who you can expect to see at this amazing eLearning conference. We had some real industry heavyweights at eLBX Live 2018—like ...

eLBX Online Day 30 - An eLearning Interactivity Showcase

Instructional Design expert Misty Harding joined us today to close out eLBX Online.

eLBX Online Day 29 - Unique Ways to Create Interactivity in Storyline

Senior Developer Bill Milstid joined us today for an eye-opening look at how you can take simple actions and variables in Storyline and create really unique interactivity. Today was less of a...

eLBX Online Day 28 - How to Develop Accessible eLearning

eLearning developer Dan Frazee joined us today to share some step-by-step methods essential to developing accessible courses. In the webinar, he demonstrated where to find the accessibility...