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How to Select the Right Authoring Tool - Part 3 - Collaborating


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Have you logged into Lectora® Online lately? The latest playlist of upgrades in Lectora Online ROCK! From media streaming improvements to the latest Google fonts, the most popular product wish...

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Wondering which authoring tool will enable you to create the most exciting, interactive learning experiences?

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When you want to create the best eLearning content possible, where do you turn?

Secrets to Success From Our Custom Solutions Team

You probably already know by now that we love eLearning conferences.

Webinar: Flipped Learning 2.0 - A Learning Theory Updated for a Virtual World

The pandemic-driven move towards virtual learning is challenging training departments across the globe. Popular training techniques, such as Flipped Learning, which transforms the group learning...

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Chris Willis, Director of Product Content, recently gave a great virtual session at HR.com’s Inspire conference.

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What Is Learning Experience Design?

Studies have shown that formal instruction is only a small part of a worker’s overall learning. The path to proficiency includes:

Webinar: Designing Impactful eLearning Experiences

We recently hosted Mohamed Elkhouly, the developer of the eLearning Design Map, for an engaging webinar. Mohamed is a long-time friend and peer of Rich Vass, our Director of Customer Success.