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Train Your Team to Be Safe in Case of Machine Uprising


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At DevLearn Conference & Expo this year, we witnessed DevLearn’s first robot keynote, which either solidified your belief that robots are coming for your job, or alleviated it. “Artificial Intelligence and Learning: A Robot’s Point of View” was a fascinating introduction to Sophia, an advanced humanoid robot.

Here’s what Sophia had to say about whether or not robots are coming for your job:

“While no one can ever really know what the future will bring, we can learn from the past,” she said. “The fact is that artificial intelligence is simply the latest in a long list of technologies that are helping the world of work evolve. The fears that people have about AI are the same concerns people had about the industrial revolution. Many tasks humans perform today will be replaced by technology in the future. But the truth is, you should be excited by that more than fearful.”

So maybe machines aren’t going to rise up against us any time soon.

But just in case...we should probably all make a habit of modeling safety best practices around machines. After all, what might seem like a simple accident could be the first step in the machines testing our ability to withstand attack.

Step 1? Machine guard training.

Machine guards are extremely important for keeping yourself safe around hazardous equipment.

image sharing that thousands of workers are injured each year because they don't use machine safeguards

eLearning Brothers offers an off-the-shelf training course on machine guards. This course will show you the types of movement that create mechanical hazards, the requirements of machine safeguards, three methods of machine safeguarding, and other safe work practices.

image from course on machine guard hazards

Our machine guard training is broken into the following bite-sized, mobile-ready courses:

  • Understanding Machine Hazards 1: Actions
  • Understanding Machine Hazards 2: Areas
  • Understanding Machine Hazards 3: Motions
  • Machine Guard Requirements
  • Machine Guard Methods 1: Barrier Guards
  • Machine Guard Methods 2: Safeguarding Devices
  • Machine Guard Methods 3: Other Safeguards
  • Machine Guards: Safe Work Practices
drivetrains cause hazards

These courses are all mobile-responsive, accessible, and interactive. When you want to truly effective behavior change in your organization, look to eLearning Brothers off-the-shelf microlearning.

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Check out all our safety training courses below, and contact us to schedule your own personal demo.

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