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Webinar: Cybersecurity: Managing Risk through Microlearning


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An online data breach can expose your company to loss of money, private information, and reputation. Cyber criminals are continually advancing more sophisticated attack methods, focused on manipulating your workers into bypassing security measures.

Cybersecurity expert Spencer Brown joined us from South Carolina to share his knowledge on how companies and their employees can stay safe in a digital world. eLearning Brothers partnered with Spencer to create a new library of Cybersecurity Awareness online training. Chris Willis, eLearning Brothers Senior Product Manager - Off-The-Shelf Courseware, also joined us for this webinar to share a bit more about our microlearning cybersecurity courses.

First, Spencer presented the audience with a few different cyber risk scenarios and started a dialogue with the audience on what the best actions were for each scenario.

Cybersecurity Breach Scenario #1

An employee is having trouble with some software and so they post a question to an online forum with a screenshot of the error message. Shortly after, they notice suspicious activity on several of their accounts and their work email. It turns out, the screenshot of the error message included their username and password info.

What should they do now?

  • Change all passwords
  • Report security incident to their company IT department
  • Use a secure password manager in the future
  • Remove content (forum post) if possible

How to mitigate cyber risk in the future:

  • Don’t reuse the same password everywhere
  • Enable 2-factor authentication
  • Think before you share

Why does cybersecurity awareness matter?

Cybercrime can be incredibly costly for a company. Think of the 2017 Equifax data breach. They’re still paying out money to clean up that mess.

Costs of the Equifax data breach for the company

Other scenarios that Spencer covered in the webinar include ransomware, phishing attempts, and more. Watch the recording to learn how to respond to cyberattacks like those.

Spencer also shared a great website where you can enter your email to find out if your information has been exposed in any online breaches.

Visit haveibeenpwned.com to find out how safe your information is. Be sure to check your work and personal emails!

Ready to start training your employees on how to stay safe online?

eLearning Brothers offers a variety of interactive microlearning modules on cybersecurity awareness. These courses are grouped into 5 topic areas:

  • General Cybersecurity
  • Secure Communication
  • Authentication
  • Data Privacy
  • Device Protection

You can deliver these courses by curriculum or as periodic refreshers. Each course is able to stand on its own or be delivered with others. There are many benefits to spaced repetition for delivering learning content.

And as an added bonus, all our microlearning cybersecurity courses are mobile-responsive and Section 508-compliant!

Watch the cybersecurity webinar recording now to learn how to keep yourself and your company safe from cyber threats:

Check out our Off-The-Shelf Cybersecurity Training catalog and schedule a demo to see the courses in action.

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