Webinar: Going Vyond Basic to Create Award-winning Instructional Videos

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Brigham Sunday, owner of Storybox Studios joined us in the office this week for a look at using Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) to create instructional videos. Our custom development team often works with Brigham and his team to create amazing video content.

Vyond is an online, subscription-based tool that lets you create animated media and videos. The tool includes a library of templates, sounds, props, and more. We at eLearning Brothers are not affiliated with Vyond, but we do use it to create videos and think it’s a great tool for eLearning developers and instructional designers to be aware of. As such, we were very excited that Brigham agreed to join us for a webinar showcasing some projects we’ve worked on with him that used Vyond.

Types of Videos You Can Create With Vyond:

  • Traditional Explainer Video/Lip Sync Video
  • Whiteboard Video
  • Real Video Footage Overlaid with Animations

You can animate characters, icons, text, camera movement, sound effects, transitions, etc. It’s much quicker to create animations in Vyond versus a tool like After Effects, said Brigham.



Whiteboard video example


One Drawback to Vyond:

A webinar attendee asked about creating interactive videos similar to what you can create in Camtasia. Using Vyond, you cannot create interactive videos, but you can put the videos into a Storyline course as part of an overall interactive course.


One Cool Feature of Vyond:

You can lip sync recorded audio to animated characters incredibly easily. And, you can customize characters in the Character Creator. Make your instructional video characters resemble members of your team, your company leadership, or just let your imagination take over!


Real Instructional Video Example:

eLearning Brothers and Brigham used Vyond to create a video for an eLearning Brothers client, a major auto financing company. The video recently won a Horizon Interactive Award.



Still from our award-winning video


In the webinar recording below, you’ll see examples of the different types of video you can create with Vyond for your eLearning content. Brigham also answered many audience questions about different Vyond features.





Our custom development team would love to create a video for you.

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