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Webinar: Transforming Experiences Into Stories


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Do you ever feel like you don’t have good stories to tell or that your experiences aren’t relevant to your learners? In this webinar, we were joined by storytraining expert, Hadiya Nuriddin, who guided attendees through the process of finding the lessons in their experiences and turning them into stories that learners can relate to.

Hadiya outlined a simple, 3-step path to shaping experiences into helpful stories:

  1. Clarify for the lesson
  2. Look for the lesson
  3. Support the lesson

She then went on to break down each step with helpful tips, stories of her own, and easy strategies for transforming experiences into stories.

Best Practices for Clarifying the Lesson

  • Ask, “How does that make you feel”
  • Have them take you to the emotion
  • Listen and respond with empathy

Best Practices for Looking for the Lesson

  • Ask yourself, “What do you know is true about…”
  • Honest reflection is key
  • Accept that you only know your experience

Best Practices for Supporting the Lesson

  • Ask yourself, “How do I know this is true?”
  • Storytelling is about you, but not for you
  • Follow the narrative arc to show change

Hadiya then gave some examples of how to create a narrative arc using the story spine technique. You can hear all of Hadiya’s stories and tips in the recording below:



As promised here are links to many other helpful resources:

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