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Why a Learning Management System Is so Valuable


Why a Learning Management System Is so Valuable

Using a learning management system (LMS) can help your employees to be better at their jobs, more valuable to your company, and most effective in servicing your customers. It’s an investment that pays off big in the long run.

How does it accomplish all those directives?

1. Delivering online training with an LMS is more efficient than traditional classroom training.

Your team can access online training at their convenience. This makes it easier for them to fit training into downtime in between completing their key job tasks. Employees are able to stay productive while getting learning how to be even more effective at their jobs. Save yourself the hassle of scheduling training days and employees missing out on time at their desks.

You can also roll out new programs faster because everyone can be trained simultaneously, no matter their location. This is a great way to ensure everyone is following the same best practices, whether they’re in your main office or telecommuting.

2. Reporting is easier and there’s less paperwork to manage.

The LMS is tracking all your learner activity and progress for you. You know who has completed the required training and who needs a gentle reminder—which the LMS can also do for you!

3. Using an LMS and online training can lower your overall training costs

An LMS is an investment, yes, but when you add up the cost of off-site training, snacks, facility rental, travel, etc., you’ll see how much money you’re saving over the longterm. Plus, a cloud-based (SaaS) LMS has zero installation and maintenance costs, and it eliminates the cost of maintaining an internal software system.

An LMS also enables you to be more consistent with training delivery and keep up with the required training. This reduces your risk of compliance infractions and fines.

4. Offering easy to access training and development opportunities can boost your employee retention.

Research shows that employees with access to professional development opportunities are more likely to stay in a company. In addition to mandatory onboarding, consider offering a library of soft skills or management training that employees can access on-demand. We recently released an eBook all about ways to use training to increase employee retention. Download it for free.

Ready to implement an LMS and take your employee training to the next level?

We’d love to show you our rockstar LMS. It’s user-friendly (for admins and learners) with great interactive features and detailed reporting.

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